Thailand Story

Some notes about the trip in Thailand

I decided to write down some of my experiences of trip in Thailand with my classmates to celebrate the graduation by English. In fact it is really unnecessary to record this kind of things by English, actually I could express more explicit and detailed by Chinese, but I really need to improve my writing abilities in English, therefore, I view this kind of recording as a kind of exercising of expression my feeling freely by English (I hope I would not make stupid mistakes).

The overall feeling

To begin with, the sunshine and the high temperature in Bangkok gave me a really bad impression, a little disappointed actually, the poor infrastructure and the traffic jam every where, the sanitary conditions are not much grate. But after several days, I gradually enjoy this kind of imperfect in Bangkok and also could feel the special features in Bangkok and Thailand, including the dudu cars on the street and the fleeting motorcycles on the street. After that, we visited the beautiful city by seaside Hua-hin and stayed at the ChaingMai at last several days. Lots of memorable things here, the women prison massage and the jungle adventure, all these things were give me unprecedented experiences. The most important thing is the friendship between my partners and I, It’s fantastic to have this kind of magic trip with my classmates in our lab, we slept in youth hotel and talked about our view about the life and the world, basically, this trip help me to release my nervous mind and give me lots of energy to make efforts for future works.

some great qualities about Emma

One thing gave me the deep impression is the Emma, we usually called her Miss He, which is the only woman student in our grade in our lab. For her outstanding performance in school work, we call her Miss He to show our admiration. Without the organised schedule of Miss He, we could not made things so smoothy and I even doubt if this trip could be fulfilled without the key promotion of Miss He in every link including the booking for the tickets in advance(earlier than two months), some practical travel strategies(most valuable place deserved to have a visit),leadership abilities and determined attitude when making decisions(Miss He opposed to visit in Pattaya even if another guy still sticked to visit here, it showed that Pattaya is not worth visiting at least for us)

One thing showed the calm of Miss He facing the emergency event. When we checked in from Bangkok to Pudong , one of our friend found that he bought the wrong ticket(our flight date is 3.23 but he booked the ticket in 3.22 careless). We were a little hurried at that time , because he should pay about 3000 RMB to buy the flight same with us. If I were him , I decided to pay the extra money to buy the ticket, because I could take the same flight with my friends and I also do need worry about the uncertainty caused by the flight. However, Miss He had the different consideration, I mean she could find a balanced strategy in this circumstance, she searched the most cheap flight according different app carefully(it was amazing that the same tickets provided by different agent have the totally different price), at last, she found a flight that would take off at 6 o’clock in the morning of 3.23 with the price about 1500, for Miss He, even if she had enough money to cover the flight tickets, she still willing to find a more economic strategy, this behaviour remind me of SY, one of my best friends in graduation study. They all have this similar properties and they could always gave you a sense of reliance when you staying with them. I hope I could be that kind of person in future, and even if I could not own that of feature for the reason of the character, I should try to follow that kind of people because their leadership ability and balanced ways in addressing the problems could always give me lots of enlightenments.

the story of skating

It was a really luxury activity to skate in temperature of more than 30 degree in ChaingMai, we found a skating court accidentally in an market, it was really magic. Skating here seems to back to the good old time of childhood, I also have some new insights from the perspective of skating at the same time.

what’s your aim to train a specific skill
you may consider that it is utilitarian to always consider the aim to do a thing maybe we could change it into another word: motivation. For me, it seem that the initial motivation of skating is for pleasure, but this simple motivation could not promote me to go to the further step, I could skate better than most of my friends, skating freely and even skating backward, but from another perspective, I know my level is so limited, I could not to some beautiful gestures and do some high difficulty posture like professional athlete. I’m not to say I want to become a professional athlete and I never had that kind of thought, I just not sure, what’s the next step for my skating improving.

At the skating court here, did I realise the problem of mine. I notices that the kids here are not skating purely, boys attend the ice hockey club and girls take efforts in improving their figuring skating skill, for those kids, the skating itself is the tool to pursuit other aim like ice hockey and figure skating, for the kids attending ice hockey, they pay attention to improve the team work and ball control ability, for the girls in figure skating training they pay attention to the details for the gesture and the high dificculty body movements like rolling and jumping on the skating. It is clear that the different training aim lead to the different training ways and these kids will improve a lot by following specific guidance meantime, they will lose the chance to improve other ability , for example, you could not force the skating hockey guy to do the rolling and jumping , anyhow, both of these specific road could push these guys to walk further in there own road instead of just stating casually in the name of the pleasure.

Do not admire that other people could do things faster and better

For me, skating is not a difficult task, and I think the trick of the basic skating is easy to handle, just the control of the centre of gravity of the body, Instead, for Miss He and the L, the skating is really a hard task for them , they could not even stand on the surface of the skating without the help of the handrail. From their prospect, maybe I have little “talents” in skating and they may really admirable for me when I skating freely and passed them when they staggering on the ice. Actually I know that it is not the problem of talents or learn better and faster than others, the truly trick is the time of exercising. When I was a child, I nearly went to the skating court every weekend, and I also paid lots of attention on the improving of my staking skill, I know that’s the reason that I can sating so easily and I still remembered the thorough thinking when I was learning how to skate backwards. I also know that I could recover back to the previous level skill even if I did not skating for a long time, but after that, any new gesture and skill would still take me a bunch of time to grasp and exercise.

The conclusion is that never admire other’s talents about an area, the true reason most of the time causing these huge gap is the time of exercising and the depth of thinking for this area. So , if you want to improve, just exercising and thinking, never admiring others and complaining why yourself could not do well, you never know how much efforts they made and the devotion they paid previously.

find out your limits and expansion that boundary

I have read some passage telling how to improve a lot in limited time, one concept is training deliberately, for me, I try to explain it in two process:
1)find out your limits and boundary
2) expand your boundary and break up it deliberately. Most of the time, we do not know where is our boundary, if you do not sure your boundary, how cloud you know if the time that you paid is used in improving or just repeat the skills you already mastered. This could be demonstrated in knowledge learning like the operation system, computer guys knows that the operation system includes all kinds of knowledge and it is hard for every one to grasp all the details of operation system, but we could always make a step further and understanding some concept better about the knowledge we already known. Some times the fist step is more important, it means you are sure about the scope of the knowledge you grasped, to be realistic and subjective for you self. We could give ourself some task and questions to test the level of proficiency of about the specific knowledge and skill, then we could try to push our self out of the comfortable zone and focus on the grasping of new knowledge and skill. When we clear about the knowledge and skill we already grasped, we could behave more confident and relaxed in learning and talking with others.

the costume about Thailand students

I have a deep impression with the costume of the students in Thailand, it seems a little like the style in Taiwan. For girls, the wear the dress longer than knee and the black leather shoes with black shirt, for boys, they wear white t shirt, shorts and the leather shoes. In my impression , the shirts are usually casual style with the material of jean and lively design style, but the shorts worn by Thailand student uses the material same with the suit pants, therefore, this kind of arrangement gave me a sense of humorous, it seems that two disrelated things come together and cause a strange effects. It’s really interesting to see this kind of costume which is totally different with the clothing in China.

the feeling of roaming along the sea beach

I really enjoyed the feeling roaming along the beach in HuaHin, in China, there is few chance to find a so beautiful beach with few people and remarkable views. It was really a relaxation when walking along the seaside, watching the sea wave and taste the feeling of walking with barefoot on the beach, I just wanted to walking forever here. When I walking with empty mind only hearing the sound of the wave, I felt that no trouble would bother me and melting in with the sea, it was really a magic enjoyment here. I love the sea, it could help you to get ride of the trouble and make you calm down.

the feeling in night market

I thought maybe after shopping in Thailand, I do need to go to shopping these year. maybe I do not need to go to the market anymore. Too much shopping time here , the shopping complex, the night market, it seems every city in Thailand all enjoy the name of Shopping Paradise. Obviously, many of these shopping centre is opened for the visitor came from China. Compared with the indoor shopping , I enjoyed to walk around the out door night market much more, all kinds of hand crafts and interesting little things, all kinds of tropical fruits and the decorations full of the Thailand feature. I may felt dazzled and always attracted by those interesting things.

I came back to HangZhou yesterday, the temperature was below ten degree and there is no sun shine anymore , actually , I am little missing the holiday time in Thailand with beautiful beach and abundant sunshine.

There are some photos token in Thailand, I consider it’s better to put these photos here instead of Wechat:

Grand Palace

MacDonald in Thaliand

smiling face on beach

beautiful and silent beach of Huahin

amazing jungle exploration of Chiengmai