Being a teacher

You’ll be a teacher some day, take some notes about how to become a teaching assistant.


all policies for ta

prepare what you will teach before a week, and manage what the students will do in every minutes. the more detailed you prepared, the more confident you will be on the stage.

before the class, give out the students the basic policy, refer to the policy link for ta, and only list some important here:

  • do not let the student add your facebook or other social media tool until your professional relationship finish at last.
  • it is better to use the official platform to reply the email and it is better to let your student use official email too, because there will be security problem if you forward the sensitive infomation to outer platform.
  • do not leak the students info (like ssn and birth date)to third party. share with the situdation and the learning status only for the person who need to be known.
  • focuse your topic on class material, if student tell you sth about their personnal life, try to compromise and say like:”I could recommend lots of institution that keep your secret and help you”

before the class, or at first time of the class, you need to give out those info in a friendly way, like do not eat on class, do not be late and so on. You should be friendly and be authoritive at the same time.

in class

the students is always the center of class, the important thing is not what you’re teaching but is what they are recieving, so give out your eye connection and interaction always.

encourage students to answer the question and make mistakes. several tips to do this, like organize a group work to let student make a discussion about specific problem and give out their answer.

You could say, you could get ten minutes to do sth, this could remind the students to pay attention on the limitation of the time.

To be honest when you have no idea about the question requested by students, you coule say, I will look it up for you or i will find the answer for you or ask other students in class, if they know the answer.

If you’re not confident about your language(of course you will, because you are the international ta and not a native speaker) remmember that your job is to share the knowledge instead of showing the ability of language. So, be confident and slow down your pace, repeat the key part when necessary. Never underestimate your students.

Do not sitting down, eye connection and body language is important, try to walk aroud the class, try to build real connection with the students, do not dress as casually as they are…(do not dress like a student)

If you still not know what to do, try to remember the teacher you loved most when you’re a student.

after class

consult the professor and faculty member if you still have some problems about the evaluation and the grading.

balance your work , research and study well…

other things

maybe you could be a ta for whole same semester, so your experience will be useful for next semester, and your life will be much easier.

give out a alternative request for special case like the conflict between a jewsish holiday and the test day.