Proposal feedback

Some notes about the proposal feedback. The direactor of the group reminds us that it is good to learn from the refused proposal, and I try to take some nots in this blog according to the feedback that is refused, and try to list some key points here.

Falsifiable scientific hypothesis

One question to answer in the proposal feedback is about the flasifiable hypothesis, if the proposal contanis the 可证伪的假说,and if this thing is valuable.





If the hypothesis can be assessed

One reason for refusal for our proposal is that it can not provide a solid evaluation approach. The reviewer said they don’t know how the thing we described can be assessed.

Maybe the thing that can be assessed follows the same pattern, such as “sth can improve the accuracy/save resource/improve the speed in how much” If the hypothesis does not follow this pattern in CS domain, it might not the right thing or proper description for the problem. You could also say that the approach is helpful for doing sth or facilitate the other things, but it is important to try to move another step, answering how this is helpful in quantitatively is important to make it be assessable.

However, it seems that in computer science or software engineering, the falsifiable is not that much relevent, see this question, I’m a little bit confused about it. Although some topics in cs is not fully relevent to the concept of falsifiable, at least, the clear metric about the assissibility and to show that the thing you work on is good, is critial section in proposal. (How to evaluate the presented approach, and how to refine the presented approach during the lifetime of the project)

Clearly, if you could not show to the reviewer if your things is good or not good, the reviewer will have no ideas and will give a refusal at last. Without this evaluation (or some prototype for the proof of concept), you can not show if the method or approach is doable.

Otherwise, reviewer might provide some senteces like:

The abstract goals are great, but the linkage to reality was too tenuous.

I was not able to really evaluate this with the level of specifics presented.

Scope, assumption and requirements

Two aspects

One aspect is to evaluate if your institution have enough ability to conduct this research, such as do you have enough device, background in related field and people to do that. Another is the quality of the proposal (the points mentioned above), the proposal will be approved when both of these two aspects are good.