myth and misi

some thoughts about the programming and research.

resize and the elasticity

condition variable and isend/irecv

what is the core differences

box and domain decomposition

simple strategies, just decompose the first dimention
there is unbalance between different domains

try to traverse all solutions and find one that satisfies constraints

process layout
refer to this

iteration in small steps

it is usually easy to generate a prototype with some modifications, then move to real applications step by step, this will develop a good path towared the final goal.

When stat a new project, it might be easy to show how it works in small scales without losing the key comcepst, then move to the more lage and long time implementation, this might keep the thing on the right track. this will also make the life easier, do a big thing at one time will make the life hard, develop a doable project and do it step by step may make the life easier

record vedio

it is still a challeng thing for me to record vedio, I did not make the ytb vedio this month. a little bit guity for this

One bad thing for online conference is that you should make the vedio, which is time consuming and it is hard for me to make the content good and make the voice souds great, and the pronunciation. For someone, when they start to speak, you just want to listen. For me, I need to force other people to listen to my stuff.