Some tips about making the slides and preparing the presentation.

Tips about slides

We list some points that easy to be neglected. Actually, these principles are same with the editing of the paper, but we may easy to neglect them when edit the slides.

The captial letter:

We may easy to forget to use capital letter for slides, since we may list some key points here and there. However, this tips is still deserved to be noticed even if we use bullet or some key points in slides. Maybe try to examine the title of slides and make sure they are in consistency with the paper or assoicated documents.

The caption of the figure:

We may copy and past the figure from the paper and put it into the slides. In this case, some caption can be larger and other caption can be small. In this case, just copy the figure and type the caption by yourself. In this way, all the caption could be in similar font size and they may looks more symmetric.

The page number:

It is easy for people to take notes for specific slide page.

Good looking:

Necessary bullets for each items

Adding necessary figures for explanation (maybe using more figures then texts if it is possible)

Using the suitble template

Using the comment and presentation Mode mode wisely:

Do not force yourself to remember every details and sentences. The most stupid way is typing every sentences into the comment part. At least, you will not miss the key information becasue of the nervousness during the presentataion.

If you use the presenting mode, basically, one screen will show the current slide and another screen may show your comments. It can be quite easy for presenting things in this case if you have detailed comments.

Back up slides and QA

level 1 questions

What is the most challenging part for this work

What is the future plans for this work

level 2 questions

More detailed and specific questions related with the content. Maybe try to ask your self these questions, and list the answer as the back up parts for the presentation. These contents can be the extension based on the current slides, or sth that is not explained clearly in the presentation due to the time constraints.

Typical question and which is also the core question might be

“how does the algorihm or mechanism you presented in the paper can help with the performance improvement, or just try to say, it improves which aspects based on these method”