Path of Channel

Take some notes about the channel.


Just start recording the screen and try to remember everything in mind. Do the operation and explain things at the same time. Just like the real presenting. Playing the slides and explaining things at the same time.


Start split the audio and video, I ususlly start by making the slides, and when all things get ready, output it into the image, and then use the imove to compose everything together. And I also record the audio at the same time when making the video. Sometimes I also add some backgound elements, but it did not help a lot actually.


Start to write the script firstly, just like writing a new blog. When script is ready, and then start recording all things, then using imovie to compose all audio clips into one. Then put the audio into the AE and adding more visual elements. It looks that if the screen stops there for more then 3 or 4 seconds, the audience may lose their interests. So the visual language is a really important thing.

Even if you use the imove+keynote, it is still good to record audio firstly and then add visual elements according to the change of the audio. This can make whole video more tight. There are some principles, such as do not use one visual elements for more than 8 seconds. since this is the vedio and not the audio, people may get more information from there eyes.

Other tips

It looks that the easy and superficial things may get lots of attention, such as introducing different aspects of the cmake. Other topic, such as ML or Deeplearning things will definately eye catching.

The most ennergy efficient way might be recording your screen and explain at the same time. Using zoom do not waste a lot of space. Maybe a good way is to combine two things together, when you explain knowledge point, just do the slides, and when you explain the code, just record the screen. Then using the imove to combine them together. This might make the video more vive. You could assume the screen recording is like you do the face recording, or maybe if you want to attract the audience, just show the code first to let people have some interests and then explain the knowledge point.


AE is powerful tool, but it is more suitable to generate a fancy snippet around 1-2 minuts. Or at least less than 5 minutes especially for personal video making, there are too many details. When you put different layers together then render it, it is easy to trigger some unknonw issue that make the encoder fail (it is really disappointed), if you use the default render setting, it looks good especially the size (10 min for several gigabites). If you plan to stack different things together, or just combine the audio and the video together, the imove is still a lightweight tool. It will waste a lot of time to upload the several GB file to the youtube channel.

Sometimes, when you record the screen, it might make the video more vivid, instead of just putting the code snippt into the video, the good thing is to screen the video and then explain the code at the same time.