ps scratch

Some notes about photo shop.

It always requires the photo shop to make the 2 intch times 2 intch passport photo or other related photos.

Taking some note regarding all details.


The light is important, just make sure there is good light condition or put the light before the face.

For the uscis, there is more strict checking. Maybe taking a photo and then use their online clip tool to clip the photo, if the photo can pass the checking, then start to try to use the ps to reset the background into the white (this is really important)

detailed steps

This video provides really good step by step explanation

0 load t photo into ps

1 copy layer

2 click new layer, go to channel

3 copy the blue channel, click the blue channel

4 hit ctrl + L and get the “layer options” for that blue channel

5 move specific small bar and to let it to a specific region where there
are most distinctitve boundrary

6 press the ctrl, at the same time, do the left click the copyed blue layer, the figure with people is select out

7 use the quickly choose tool, and use + or - to refine the selection, use [ and ] to ctrl the size of the operation region

8 after doing this, clicking the adding mask at the bottom right corner. pressing the alt key at the same time, the figure with people’s body can be selected out by that mask

9 inserting a new layer by clicking the adding new layer button

10 then right clicking the inserted new layer and selecting the solid color, change it to the white backgound, the value of r, g and b are 255 for that case.

11 Moving the new inserted layer under the layer with a figure on it.

12 using the crop tool to select the 2 by 2 figure, for that ratio sections, the default value is in inch. There are lot of good online resource to teach how to do it correctly.