Many faces of data format for scivis (WIP)

This blog documents some practical references about different datasets used for scientific visualization, which are first step to do the further detailed data analysis.

General vtk dataset

General vtkm dataset

The good practice to understand details of the vtkm data set is through some filters such as MergeDataSets filter to see how two data sets are merged together from scratch.

Converting between vtk to vtkm data sets

In VTK, there are same shape with different name for VTK_POLYGAN and VTK_QUAD the only difference for these two data sets are the sequence of adding the vortex (maybe for the reason of the memory efficiency). In vtkm only one type is supported. It will not convert the data into vtkm if the dataset is not in the list here.

Using hdf5 adios as the backend

this is the assocaited description

Openfoam data