Some notes about working in an approporiate way.

Trying to figure out the vision of your manager is always the important. Then you know what is the good direaction to go.

Sometimes, you may use different method, if the vision is there, there is less burdern or obstacle for working together.

The tricky part is that, you should listen to the order of the manager, but you could not listen all to your manager at the same time. It is tricky to distinguish which you should listen and which you should not listen. For example, if your common goal is to publish a paper, maybe the order from the manager is not a good way towards the paper or some method that you know it does not work, in this case, instead of saying that it does not work, you may try what the manager said, and show him the resluts that why it does not work. The mamager may have other considerations about letting you to do this thing or that thing. At the same time, you should also hold your own idea about how to move to the goals.

When the senior people said we should have a collabaration here, baiscally the successful collabaration means that you write a paper and add their name here. Maybe they will give you some deedbacks, but you should be the person who initiates the paper in most cases to push forward the work.

Delivering things is important to make yourself and your manager comfortable in the working place. However, different manager may have different tasts for understanding what things should be delivered. Some managers may think writting paper is a good progress, other managers may think that working on some practical software or submit several commits is a good progress. It is important to figure out this by yourself. What techniques are most important part from the manager’s perspective. Figuring out these things can make you work in a more smart way.

Just like discussing with your girl friend or boy friend, do not expect that you have a quite solid relationhip, you should always remember that if you do not behave will, your relationship can become fragile. So be careful about every chatting or meetting, take it serivously, show your current status, the next step and current issues, make these things at hand (these are the basic information when you need to report to the manager every time you have the discussion). Always prepared to report these things to the manger to make sure you are not wasting the time. If they forgort to discuss with you, just discuss with them initiaively maybe per week at least. The simple way is try to put everything in a slides during the working on a project, the slides can be the skeleten for the paper and also make your manager clear about your current working status and the good history records for the project you are working on.

During the group meeting, the manager always discuss some ideas in high level, he said it is important to repeat things several times to make sure we have a good understanding about it, there are some points that are really good, especially in the resarch related jobs. I found that the good researcher I know have a lot of these chracterristics. Maybe try to force myself to follow these rules, i could also have a good career path.

  • Learn from reviewers and comments. The refusal of the propoal and paper is the fact of life. The important thing is what you learn from it.
  • The expertise in the key growth area
  • Collebaration not compete.
  • Tell other people what you are doing, and let other people know what you are doing is important. (This is so important)
  • Maybe the collebaration and asking other people’s idea or opinon is imporant to research project. From my personal willing, I may hope that I could solve all the problem by myself. But If I review my path for doing a project. I could not go much far without the help and collebaration from other people, no matter for research project or techniqual problem or even for the debug. Although I may think I am right most of the time, but the fact thing is that I am wrong most of the time. Even other people may not correct, the process of discussing with other people can also provide a lot of insight.
  • Build the career and profolio consciously.

For research direaction or research ideas, hearing from people instead of hearing from the senior people (you may hear their idea, but your own thought is also very important). The senior people may have some outdated opinion, which may put some restrictions on you. The latest paper can always show you what are main trend and new research questions.

The researcher also emphasize 名 and 利。But they use a better works, the “funding” and the “impact”. You may say the research 淡薄名利,however, they emphasis the funding and impact :)

As old wisdom says, you can always not get sth by chasing sth. If you calm down and consider the research direaction, do sth that can improve this area practically, and help other people to solve some key problems, instead of doing sth that try to catch sb’s eyes, you can get your benifits.